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  1. Arkham Horror

    Arkham Horror


    <p>It is the roaring 20&lsquo;s, and while there&rsquo;s electricity in the air, unnatural storms are brewing as well. Strange things are happening in the small Massachusetts town of Arkham; people have gone missing, sightings of indescribable creatures grow more and more frequent. And the very air thickens with a sense of foreboding that roils like an acrid mist through the streets.&nbsp;<br /><br />The Ancient Ones are stirring...</p>
    <p><em>Arkham Horror</em>&nbsp;was originally published by Chaosium, Inc.&nbsp;, in&nbsp; 1987. This new, updated edition features stunning new artwork and graphical design (including a new gameboard, counters, cards, and playing pieces) as well as revised and expanded rules from the game's original creator, Richard Launius.<br /><br />Players can select from 16 unique playable investigator characters, each with unique abilities, and will square off against the diabolical servants of 8 Ancient Ones, including Ithaqua, Hastur, and the terrible Cthulhu!&nbsp;No fan of the Cthulhu Mythos will want to miss the opportunity to acquire this classic&nbsp;Call of Cthulhu&nbsp;board game!<br /><br /><em>Arkham Horror</em>&nbsp;is a cooperative game for 1-8 players ages 12 and up, and can be played in 2-3 hours.</p> Learn More
  2. Arkham Horror Dice Set - Set of 5 Black and Green Dice

    Arkham Horror Dice Set - Set of 5 Black and Green Dice


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    A set of 5 dice specially designed for the game Arkham Horror and licensed by Fantasy Flight Games. These dice are high-quality, specially crafted dice which feature sculpted number faces and Elder signs on the <i>5</I> and <i>6</i> sides indicating success. Black with green symbols. Learn More
  3. Beige and Black Call of Cthulhu Dice Set

    Beige and Black Call of Cthulhu Dice Set


    A full set of seven Call of Cthulhu dice. They look just like ancient scrolls with cryptic writings on them. Learn More
  4. Call of Cthulhu Dice Bag

    Call of Cthulhu Dice Bag


    It is said that the person who analyzed this black material the bag is made of disapeared. All that was found were some notes mentioning some long gone civilization and that the sign on the bag would protect all the items inside.Who knows what secrets or knowledge it holds? Learn More
  5. Box Cover

    Cthulhu Gloom


    <p>In&nbsp;<em>Cthulhu Gloom</em>, you control a group of Lovecraftian protagonists and guide them down a path of horror and madness to an untimely death, while keeping your opponents happy, healthy, and annoyingly alive. While your characters Gibber With Ghouls and Learn Loathsome Lore to earn negative points, you'll encourage your opponents to be Analyzed by Alienists and to Just Forget About the Fungus to pile on positive points. When one group finally falls prey to the interdimensional doom that awaits us all, the player whose characters have suffered the most wins.&nbsp;<br /><br /><em>Cthulhu Gloom</em>&nbsp;is printed on transparent plastic cards. Multiple Modifier cards can be played on top of the same Character card; since the cards are transparent, elements from previously played Modifier cards either show through or are obscured by those played above them. You can immediately and easily see the point value of every character, no matter how many Modifiers they have piled on.&nbsp;<br /><br /><em>Cthulhu Gloom</em>&nbsp;is a stand-alone card game that's also fully compatible with&nbsp;<em>Gloom</em>&nbsp;and its expansions. It introduces Story cards and Transformation cards.</p> Learn More
  6. Dice Bag: Tentacles

    Dice Bag: Tentacles


    Inspire terror in your opponents while keeping your dice secure with the Fantasy Flight Supply Dice Bag: Tentacles. This vibrant, 6.25" x 9" (15.9 cm x 22.9 cm) bag is crafted of black velour with a polypropylene drawstring. Learn More
  7. Vote Cthulhu Button

    Vote Cthulhu Button


    <p>Are you tired of having to compromise on your convictions? Do you want a politician who follows through with his campaign promises for once? Are you fed up with the two-faced trickery inherent in democratic elections?</p><p>Look no further&mdash;you can finally show your support for a candidate who doesn't flip-flop on the issues. Cthulhu is " octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature.... A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque scaly body with rudimentary wings." Not only that, but he's consistently evil on all the issues. With Cthulhu, what you see is what you get!</p><p>Show your support&mdash;and your style&mdash;with this finely-crafted campaign button. It measures 2.25 inches (57mm) in diameter.</p> Learn More

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