You can never have too many dice!

Specialty Dice

Special, unique, and unusual dice. Stone, metal, and bone dice; alphabet dice, rune dice, astrology dice, inflatable dice, fuzzy dice, rubber dice, and more.

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  1. Rubik's Cube Plush Dangler

    Rubik's Cube Plush Dangler


    Not able to play with your Rubik's Cube puzzle while you're cruising down the highway? Well, you still can't, but you can keep the world's favorite puzzle cube with you on the road with Rubik's Cube Plush Danglers! Learn More
  2. Chessex Pound O' Dice

    Chessex Pound O' Dice


    <p>There are approximately 100 factory-second dice in this bag. (Number of dice will vary with the mix&mdash;four-siders are lighter than other shapes, for example.)</p>
    <p>These dice are mixed in a variety of styles and colors. Every bag does not necessarily have every style and color. Contents may include 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 and 30-sided dice (and, possibly, other shapes) in colors that include (but are not limited to) speckled, marble, rainbow, opaque and translucent.</p>
    <p>This assortment features one complete 7-die polyhedral set of never-released speckled dice, available ONLY in this Pound O' Dice assortment</p> Learn More
  3. Set of 12 Olympic Fudge Dice

    Set of 12 Olympic Fudge Dice


    <p>Fudge dice are six-sided dice with two "plus" sides, two "minus" sides, and two blank sides, for use with Fudge and other games. Rolling four Fudge dice returns results from -4 to +4 ("sub-Terrible" to "trans-Superb" in Fudge terms).</p>
    <p>Olympic Fudge Dice come in sets of 12 dice (4 dice each in three colors; gold, silver, bronze) packaged in a sturdy plastic box.</p> Learn More
  4. Classroom Dice Set

    Classroom Dice Set


    Out of stock

    A classroom assortment of 31 dice for educational use, including math operators, fractions, whole numbers, positive dice, negative dice, and polyhedral dice. Learn More
  5. Brain Buster Dice Set

    Brain Buster Dice Set


    Out of stock

    Show off your massive, throbbing intellect to all your friends with this set of three dice. Each is printed with a mathematical expression which only those with high aptitude can decipher. Learn More

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