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  1. Imperial Poker Playing Cards

    Imperial Poker Playing Cards


    The Imperial brand of Playing Cards has a high-quality linen finish for a professinal feel. Deck of 52 playing cards. Perfect for poker or any of your favorite card games! Learn More
  2. Playing Cards

    Playing Cards


    Playing Cards. From “Go Fish” to poker, these decks of cards are essential for any card party! Be sure to keep several of these classic decks around for playing games on rainy days and long car trips! (54 cards per deck) 3 3/8" Learn More
  3. Superhero Playing Cards

    Superhero Playing Cards


    Make your next card game super with this deck of 54 playing cards. Styled after the manner of the Golden Age of Comic Books, these cards are sure to be a smash. 3 3/8". Learn More
  4. 16th Century German Playing Cards

    16th Century German Playing Cards


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    Dating to 1588, this 52-card deck is based on one of the most significant works of Jost Amman, one of the more prolific artists of the German Renaissance. German printers experimented with a wide range of suit symbols, and this deck uses books, jars, printers' ink pads and cups. As was common in German cards, there are no jacks nor queens, but rather the German equivalents of an "unter" ("under" with the suit sign at the bottom of the card) and an "ober" ("over" with the suit sign at the top of the card) and kings on horseback. It also features a female figure for the 10 of each suit.

    A beautiful deck of playing cards, replica from a 16th-century German set. Printed in full color with historical accuracy in mind. Learn More

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