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6 Sided Dice, D6

D6, six-sided dice. Perfect for rolling a random number between 1 and 6. Including standard dice with pips as well as polyhedral-style 6 sided dice with numerals instead of spots. Some of these dice are cube-shaped, while others are crystal shaped. Also includes special six sided dice with symbols instead of numbers, or with a blank face to make them d5 dice, or double 6 sided dice which are dice within dice.

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  1. Woodland Creatures Six Sided Dice

    Woodland Creatures Six Sided Dice


    Can’t get your ducks in a row? Try squirrels. Lots of them. Every facet is a new and wonderful vision of forest fuzzy! If fur is murder then your enemies are in for a world of hurt as you assault them with these critter dice. Critical hit is nothing! Lay waste with critical skunk! If Bambi played tabletop RPGs these are the dice he would use. Well, assuming he had opposable thumbs to roll dice with. Sometimes it’s not easy being King of the Forest. Learn More
  2. 6-Sided Roman Numeral Dice

    6-Sided Roman Numeral Dice


    <p>The sun dial reads III:VL and you&rsquo;ve got just X minutes to grab a toga and get out the door to make that Senate vote on time. But you've got VI togas to choose from! What in the VII hills to do? Easy! Just pull out your brand new VI sided Roman Numeral Dice from Game Master Dice and let the Gods decide for you! <em>Alea iacta est!</em></p> Learn More
  3. Crown & Anchor Dice

    Crown & Anchor Dice


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    Crown and Anchor is a traditional dice game, originating in the 18th century and played by sailors in the British Royal Navy and in British merchant and fishing fleets.

    Three of these dice are needed to play the game. Each die is marked with one of six symbols: crown, anchor, diamond, spade, club, and heart.

    Players place bets on a cloth or board with the six symbols. Payout corresponds to the number of dice showing one or more of the symbols the player bet on. Payout is 1:1 for a single, 2:1 on a double and 3:1 on a triple. If the symbol doesn't come up, the player loses his bet.

    This item is a single Crown & Anchor die, so you can customize how many you want. Sets of three are recommended. Learn More
  4. Emotion Dice

    Emotion Dice


    Out of stock

    A six-sided white dice with black symbols. Each face of the dice has a face on it which is either happy, sly, worried, unimpressed, angry, or maniacal. Great for rolling NPC reactions or for learning about emotions in a classroom setting. 18mm. Learn More
  5. Addition and Subtraction 6 Sided Dice

    Addition and Subtraction 6 Sided Dice


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    This math white 6 sided dice has black + and - symbols. Great for generating addition and subtraction math problems. Learn More

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