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  1. Red Runic Leather Dice Cup

    Red Runic Leather Dice Cup


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    <p>The Dwarves of yore made mighty spells, while hammers fell like ringing bells. And while the Dwarves weren’t doing that they were yucking it up playing dice games with beautifully hand-crafted leather dice cups like this one. Sporting a matching d8 and finely decorated with Dwarven Cirth Runes, this dice cup surely attracted its share of dragons. That won’t happen to you though. Probably. Most likely. Better wear your mithril armor just in case.</p> Learn More
  2. Chinese Dragon Dice Bag

    Chinese Dragon Dice Bag


    The Chinese Dragon presented on this linen bag guarantees that all the rolls made with the dice kept inside will be lucky. Linen, 4" x 5". Learn More
  3. Brown Dragon Leather Dice Cup

    Brown Dragon Leather Dice Cup


    This leather cup used to belong to a famous dragon slayer. He travelled the world liberating villages and rescuing maidens, until he drowned while bathing in a river. Fate works in mysterious ways sometimes... This is the cup in which he stored the teeth of the slain dragons as trophies. The teeth have rotten long ago, but the cup is still good – and it is said to bring good fortune (for now). Learn More
  4. Dice Bag: Red Tribal Dragon

    Dice Bag: Red Tribal Dragon


    <p>This bag measures approx. 5 inches across by 7 inches long from the corners. The drawstring is an interior wrap around style and cinches with a pull. The interior is lined with a black satin.</p>
    <p>Dice are not included.</p> Learn More
  5. Vote Cthulhu Button

    Vote Cthulhu Button


    <p>Are you tired of having to compromise on your convictions? Do you want a politician who follows through with his campaign promises for once? Are you fed up with the two-faced trickery inherent in democratic elections?</p><p>Look no further&mdash;you can finally show your support for a candidate who doesn't flip-flop on the issues. Cthulhu is " octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature.... A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque scaly body with rudimentary wings." Not only that, but he's consistently evil on all the issues. With Cthulhu, what you see is what you get!</p><p>Show your support&mdash;and your style&mdash;with this finely-crafted campaign button. It measures 2.25 inches (57mm) in diameter.</p> Learn More

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