Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014! The new year brings us new lower flat rate shipping! Now U.S. orders are only $4.95 shipping no matter how large or small your order is.

Can you guess what our bestsellers were in 2013? Tried and true favorites of course. Here’s the breakdown:

What are you using these dice for? Let us know in the comments! From everyone at Game Master Dice, we hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy new year. May the dice roll in your favor.

(If they don’t, get some new ones. We’ve got you covered.)
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Getting Social with Game Master Dice

We are now on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Follow us for the latest news and updates as well as anything geeky or dice related. Also, be sure to take advantage of our free shipping on all U.S. orders for a limited time only. All orders are shipped within 2 business days so you’re sure to get your items quickly.

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Game Master Dice is a Level 27 Merchant

Game Master Character SheetI know that most people don’t like to read the About Us page on a website, myself included.  So I thought I’d have a little fun and do the About Us page for Game Master Dice differently.

Check it out if you want: About Game Master Dice

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New Plastic, Pre-Painted Miniatures

We’ve just added the complete line of Legendary Encounters miniatures from Asylum Miniatures.

If you’re not really into painting them yourself, or you want to supplement your existing collection, or you just want some quick, ready-to-play figurines, you may want to check these out and pick up a few of them.

Take a look at them here: http://www.gmdice.com/miniatures?product_line=106

Here are just a few of them, so you can get an idea of what they look like:

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New Products: Forest Dice Set & Dwarven Dice Sets

Today’s new products are both unusual dice sets from Q-Workshop in Poland. What kind will you get–the natural, green forest dice set, or the dwarf-carved red dwarven dice set?

Forest Dice Set, Green and Black
This RPG dice set has 7 individual dice, each one ornately designed with stylized numerals on a leafy background.  These aren’t just painted on, but are actually shaped and molded, so the designs you see are all in bas relief.

Dwarven Dice Set, Red and Black
This dice set is also intricately designed in bas relief, but features a motif from the fantasy-industrial complex.  These dice are made to look like they were carved out of dwarven stone, and each of them except the D20 also include an image of an axe or a hammer.

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New Products: Double Dice, Novelty Dice, Cups, and Bags

This week, we’ve continued busily adding products to our website.  We have a number of new dice, dice cups, and dice bags which are sure to please you.

For players who want to roll two dice at once, these double dice have a hollow, transparent outer dice and a smaller, opaque dice inside.  Available in blue, green, yellow, purple, and clear.
These are twenty sided dice numbered 0-9 twice, which makes them equivalent to D10s.  These are just like the original D&D percentile dice which came out in the 1970s.  Available in red, blue, green, white, and pearl.
This is a 12-sided dice which has body parts on it, like right hand, left leg, chest, etc.  A fun way to see just where the arrow hit, or for randomizing the Hokey Pokey.
A six-sided dice with a happy face, sad face, nervous face, manaical face, and more.  Fun for teaching and learning emotions with kids, or for handling NPC reactions in dialog.
We’re filling out our GameScience Gems line with two new colors: Moonstone blue/blue and Topaz yellow/white.  Now there are 10 more ways for you to have some fun with these unusual precision dice.
These are six-sided dice with the Jagermeister logo on them.  I don’t drink, so I wasn’t sure what the heck this logo was at first, but then I found out and it made much more sense.  Since it has a glowing cross on it, I figured it was made for some kind of church.  How wrong I was.
These are a fun and playful departure from the typical 6-sided dice with black pips.  Each side is a different, bright, happy color, including every color of the rainbow except indigo.  These are also very cheap–we’re selling them for only 25 cents each, which is an incredible bargain.
These are 6-sided dice with Roman numerals on them instead of the Hindu-Arabic numerals or dice pips you’re used to.  Ideal in case you ever get transported back in time to Ancient Rome and just can’t stop playing your board games.
This is a white 6-sided dice with different furry animals on each side, including a beaver, skunk, squirrel, and some kind of rat creature.  Maybe it’s an oppossum.  I’m just not sure.
A special set of 5 D6 dice made by Q-Workshop specifically for the Arkham Horror board game.
A set of 31 dice which are useful in a classroom setting, including fractions, math operators, decimals, and more.
These are handcrafted leather dice cups from Q-Workshop with either Silver Elvish lettering on them or Black Runic.  They’re fairly expensive, but they’re also really, really cool.
An ironic container for your dice, this box is a die by itself.  Kind of like a Matryoshka doll for gamers.
These are cloth dice bags from Q-Workshop with either Celtic, Elvish, or Runic designs on both sides.
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New Products: Reaper Minis and Chessex Dice Sets

This past week, we’ve added a couple of new product lines to our catalog: Reaper miniatures and Chessex Signature dice sets.

A very exciting addition for us is the Reaper Dark Heaven Legends and Warlord miniature figurine lines.  Ever since I bought Game Master Dice, I’ve wanted to add RPG miniatures to our lineup, because I think they’re really cool.  We’re now carrying the top 50 best-selling miniatures from both of those lines.  It’s only been a couple of days so far, and customers are already buying them, which is just lovely.

We’ve also added the Chessex Signature dice sets product line, which includes the 26 best-selling dice sets that Chessex is known for.  We’re selling these at a significant discount from their suggested retail price, in order to be competitive and hit the ground running.  Check them out for yourself!  This is the first time we’ve carried any Chessex products in our store, and we’re looking forward to picking up more of them if these sell well.

In anticipation for Valentine’s Day, we’ve also added some Sweetheart Dice.  These dice are red with white hearts or white with red hearts, and are 19mm in size, which is pretty big for dice!

Chessex Scarab Scarlet + Gold RPG Dice Set

Kneeling Assassin, from the Dark Heaven Legends line by Reaper Miniatures

Red Sweetheart Dice with White Hearts

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Brand New Website

I’d like to proudly announce Game Master Dice’s brand new website.  It has a number of features which I hope will really improve the customer experience and make it even easier to buy from the best dice store on the planet.


Visitors to Game Master Dice can now mark products with their own tags.  Do you think a dice looks particularly diabolical?  You could add a diabolical tag to it.  It’s fun!  I’ve tagged a few of the products myself already.

Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation Example - Red 6 Sided Dice

Layered Navigation Example - Red 6 Sided Dice

With our new Layered Navigation feature, you can filter the products you see like never before.  You can choose to filter your results by category (how many sides the dice have), price, color, brand, size, style, and material.  This will make shopping very convenient, especially if you’re after a specific kind of dice.

Friendly Emails

All the emails our shopping cart sends out have been overhauled to be prettier and more user friendly.


If you register a free account with us, you can now add products to your wishlist and share it with others.

Stock Notifications

One of the most common email requests we get are asking when a particular item will be back in stock.  With our new website, if a product is out of stock you can just click a link on the product page to be notified automatically when the item is up for sale again.


The new site went live yesterday, and we’ve already started receiving orders in it.  I hope you like it and, more importantly, I hope it’s easier to use and a better experience for you.  If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to speak up.

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It's a Small World After All

Small World board game

Small World: Proving that it's a world of slaughter, after all

I played Small World
for the first time not long ago, and was very impressed by it.  It was simple, attractive, and fun.

Small World is a territorial conquest game, vaguely resembling Risk or Axis and Allies.  The board is seperated into territories, each of which is a different kind of terrain: mountain, farmland, hills, forest, or swamp.  Some territories also have bonuses or indiginous people who need to be expelled before you can take it over for yourself.

Random pairs of races and attributes are generated, such as “bivouacking humans,” “stout giants,” or “pillaging ratmen.”  There are five such pairs on the table at any time available for the choosing.  Each player picks a race/attribute combination at the beginning of the game, and can change later on if he puts his existing race into “decline.”

The game’s main random element is the combination of races and powers.  This combination also specifies how many army pieces the player is able to use.  Each turn, the player can put those armies on the map during the conquest phase.  It costs two armies to conquer an unoccupied territory, or the number of occupants plus one to overtake a territory already controlled by someone else.  If you lose a territory to conquest, you keep any armies that were on it less one, and so in time the number of your forces will diminish.  Thus, eventually you will want to change up and choose a different race.  The game lasts a finite ten turns, however, so you have to be judicious about putting a race into decline.

On the last territorial conquest attempt of your turn, you can choose to roll a die.  The result will be added to the number of troops you’re committing for the success determination.  The die in this game is interesting.  Its faces contain alternately blank, 1, 2, or 3 points.  It reminded me of Fudge dice, each face of which is either a plus, a minus, or blank.

The artwork is magnificent.  It’s the most beautiful board game I’ve ever played.  The theme and the color really come alive in this game.

The session I played was only two players, and had a bit of a runaway leader problem.  I’m sure this would be alleviated if multiple players had participated, because weaker players would have been more aggressive towards the one with hegemony.  The game scales well; it even has alternate boards depending on how big the game is.

Altogether, I really enjoyed the game and am looking forward to playing it again in the future.

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The Hunt for Red November


Red November board game

Red November, a cooperative crisis game on a gnomish submarine

I recently had the opportunity to try out two new board games: Red November by Fantasy Flight Games and Small World by Days of Wonder.  I’ll be discussing Red November in this post and Small World in the future.

Red November is a cooperative stress/crisis game, where players take on the personas of maritime gnomes on a submarine, literally running around and putting out fires.  If you can survive for 60 “minutes” without getting killed by a kracken, asphixiating to death, drowning, burning in a fire, or getting crushed by pressure, you win.

The submarine is divided into 10 cells, some of which have special functions, such as being the supply room or the reactor control room.  While in a room, a player gnome can undergo a number of possible actions, such as attempting to fix a problem, stocking up on supplies, drinking grog, or trading inventory tiles with other nearby players.

The most intersting mechanic to the game is how actions are undertaken.  When you want to enact an activity, you can apply any inventory tiles in your posession for a fixed bonus, such as crowbars or fire extinguishers, and then you decide how many “minutes” you want to spend attempting the activity.  Then, you roll a d10 and if your result is less than or equal to the amount of effort you spent, you succeed.  This mechanic provides an interesting risk calculation because every 5 “minutes” or so, you have to draw an event card, most of which are bad, such as fires breaking out or rooms flooding.

Overall it was a pretty fun game to play, and I’m satisfied with the mechanics, but there were a few things that annoyed me about the materials.

First of all, the iconic symbols for asphixiation, pressure, and the reactor didn’t match between the board, the inventory tiles, and the event cards.  It would help if they were consistent so you can identify them easily.  Also, the oxygen/asphixiation icon looked like a pressure gague, which was confusing because the pressure gague was a gear.  A better choice would have been an oxygen tank for the oxygen track and a pressure gague for the pressure track.  The reactor icon should have been the nuclear symbol instead of a lightning bolt.

Second, the d10 that was provided with the game seemed cheap.  Most 10-sided dice will have an underline or a period after the numerals 6 and 9 to indicate their orientation, but this one didn’t.  I’m sure this is just nitpicking, but I run a dice store, so I think I have the right to be picky about board game dice.

The third thing that bothered me were the timer tokens.  Each time you move or take an action, you have to move your colored token forward, and stack it on other tokens if they share the same “minute”.  The tokens themselves were too small and lightweight to manipulate easy, and this is coming from someone with pretty nimble fingers.  By the end of the game, we were just putting the tokens adjacent to each other on the table instead of stacking them because they just didn’t handle well.

Finally, the theme seemed a little weak.  The fact that the sailors were gnomes instead of, say, Russians, wasn’t exploited at all.  It was like a throwaway reference which didn’t affect the gameplay in any way.  Some people may like the gnomes because they are a little cartoonish, which helps relieve some of the stress of the game, but I would have liked a serious and straightforward approach just as well.

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