Emirates of Hacan Race for Twilight Imperium

The Emirates of Hacan

I call these guys the cat people (original I know). The Emirates of Hacan are one of those races that look mean and sound good because they can get money but they are very difficult to play. They can trade with anyone even without approval by the person playing the trade card. It requires war to break an agreement once made with the Hacan. They can also trade action cards with other players during the action phase which is a great way to see what other have. Given the choice I would choose again (house rule).

They start with a very small force and very low tech but they can make money. Try to grab that trade card right away and only make deals that will get you a 3 or minimum of 2 in return. Do not agree to any other trades on the board unless advantageous to you. Try to get as much money as possible and put it to good use. Buy ships, buy space docks, buy influence and buy tech. If done right, you can get away with a lot using these guys but again they are difficult to play and have no real advantage other than money.

Just go for your secret objective whatever it may be. Use your money and influence to influence the political vote. Amass command counters because a massive armada that can’t move is useless, no matter how much it cost to build.

Dice to use for this race

Quartz Crystal Dice

Quartz Crystal Dice

Speckled Fire Dice

Speckled Fire Dice

Pearlized Gold Dice

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