Twilight Imperium Board Game

Twilight Imperium

Twilight Imperium

This has got to be one of the best most detailed board games on the market today (we are always working on something better). It uses D10 10 sided dice and is based with a hex built board. Every time this game is played the board is different so experienced players may know of strategic places but they will be placed in different locations always creating a new feel to the game. You can play with 3-8 players or more with the expansion pack Shattered Empires.

Shattered Empire

Shattered Empire

There are over a dozen races to select from and each race has it’s own special abilities creating a different game every time different races are used. You never know what you might be (unless you have a house rule that says otherwise).

You build ships and take troops out to invade other planets which give you more resources and political influence. You build technology which gives you advantages over those who have less. There are political cards, strategic cards, action cards, tech cards, objective cards and more.

The goal is to accomplish your objectives or the board objectives and reach 10 points before anyone else. The intrigue, espionage, fore thought and character placement really bring the game to life.

3 player games are ok but you really need 4 or more people with experience to get the full effects of the game. It does take about 3 full plays before you start to catch on. I think the shortest game I have ever played was 4 hours and I have had some last as long as 2 full days so this is only for the advanced and committed gamer.

Check Out That Board

Check Out That Board

From the dice aspect if you are an experienced gamer you should really consider adding a set of 10 sided dice for each color or you can even get one for each race. Again this game is only for the committed serious game player.

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