New Products: Fate, Ubiquity, Who Knew and Carrion Crown Dice Sets

New dice sets have been added to the website. Check them out below:

Who Knew? Dice Set (Black)

Who knew these dice existed? Now get them all in one set. Includes d3, d5, d7, 16, and d30 in black.


Ubiquity Dice Set

Specially designed for use with the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. Sold in tubes of 9 dice. Includes three d1s, d2s, and d3s.


Fate Dice: Core Dice Set

The first revealed set comes straight from the colors of Fate Core! 12 iridescent dice in lustrous, rich, jewel-like colors: blue, green, and purple.


Pathfinder: Carrion Crown Dice Set

These masterfully crafted dice feature silver engravings on black polyhedrons. Set of 7 dice.

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